Credits in order of appearance

T-REX For a music video: 3D modeling / rigging / animation / compositing
Animated robot for VTM KZOOM

ANOTHER MOONSCAPE, 2014, Dir. Maxim Hectors
CGI submarine and horizon replacement

Videoclip for [TULSK]i - Nooit
Director of photography / editing / special effects

Filmed dance performance
Camera / editing

ON ATTEND, 2016, Dir. Dimitri Sterkens
Green key compositing / match moving / computer generated set extension

Animation for DESCO radiators
2D animation / compositing

Animation for SCARLET
3D animated button / compositing

modeling / rigging / muscle and tissue simulation / lighting / rendering / compositing

QUANTUM SATORI, 2015, Dir. Samuel Vanclooster
Split screen composite with computer generated set extension