stone or waterfall

Director of photography, 2023


This short by artist and director Chloé Op de Beeck is about observation, language and representation. A  choreography of two figures in an urban environment.

I was the director of photography and camera operator on this short. It was a very physical shoot with many long takes on steadicam in hot weather. Shot with vintage canon-FD lenses on a Blackmagic pocket cinema camera.

directed by
Chloé Op de Beeck

Marita Schwanke
Rien Schellemans

written by: Chloé Op de Beeck & Herman Van Ingelgem 
directed by: Chloé Op de Beeck
director of photography: Thomas De Brabanter
sound: Gizem Karaosmanoglu 
produced by: Hans Bruch Jr.
camera-assistent: Maxim Hectors
script-supervisor: Samantha Fadahunsi
co-production: Beursschouwburg, STUK 
soundedit & mastering : Jürgen De Blonde